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I. Title of Regulation

Staffing of Faculty Positions

II. Objective of Regulation

To establish a fair and equitable staffing process to hire quality faculty while assuring an aggressive commitment to a multiracial, multiethnic, and multicultural faculty.

III. Authority

Board of Trustees Policy, Staffing/Hiring Policy

IV. Regulation Statement

Board of Trustees Policy Statement:

Brookdale Community College is an Equal Employment Opportunity Educational Institution dedicated to achieving and maintaining a professional, highly trained and diverse faculty and staff.

This policy shall be pursued through an unwavering commitment to diversity, not only as a compliance responsibility but as an active, conscious effort to build and develop diversity within the faculty and staff.

The Board of Trustees has the authority to appoint all personnel employed by Brookdale Community College upon recommendation of the President. Consistent with its policy on diversity and affirmative action, the Board requires that no recommendation be set forth until a comprehensive and impartial recruitment effort has been made to secure fully qualified individuals from a diverse pool of applicants. The Board will be assured, by the President, that such efforts have been sincerely and completely carried out, providing opportunity for reasonable choice among qualified candidates.

Exceptions, although rare, may be made upon recommendation of the President when the unique and/or urgent needs of the College require the immediate appointment of a qualified candidate.

Full-time hiring for administrative and staff positions will occur at the entry level and at the minimum salary established for the position. The starting salary for faculty hires will be within the entry-level rank (typically up to 15%) for the “Instructor” level rank. Some flexibility on establishing a starting salary or initial rank for all full-time positions may be allowed in consideration of market factors and in accordance with the provisions of union agreements. Any request to hire above entry-level rank or minimum salary must be justified and approved by the President prior to any effort to recruit for a position.

It is the obligation of every employee of the College to support this policy by adhering to its tenets and by making conscious and active efforts to understand and embrace our diversity goals.

Positions Covered

This regulation is to be used in filling all full-time faculty positions, whether new or existing.

Although not required to follow this regulation for reassignments, transfers or filling temporary or adjunct positions, it is expected that the College will continue to strive towards the goals of diversity and excellence in the filling of these positions.

Role of Faculty

Faculty serves a crucial role in the staffing process. Faculty develops hiring criteria, drafts advertisements, assists in identifying the qualified applicant pool, interviews identified candidates and recommends candidates to the Executive Vice President for Educational, Student & Outreach Services for potential hire. At each step of the process, faculty provides the expertise and knowledge of their discipline to enable the Human Resources Department to implement the staffing regulations.

Time Frame

All parties should be aware that the hiring/staffing cycle may last several months, from pre-determination to Board of Trustee action. The Board of Trustees normally meets once a month and the Board must take formal action to authorize the hire of faculty upon the President’s recommendation. The scheduling of interviews and the review and recommendation process should be developed with Board meeting dates in mind.


Limited Posting – In most cases “limited posting only” openings are not appropriate since they will not be actively advertised externally. However, at the discretion of the Recommending Official, a vacancy announcement may be posted and distributed on a limited basis when a sufficiently diverse pool of qualified internal candidates exists. Individuals not employed by Brookdale will still be eligible to apply.

Entry Level Faculty Position – Faculty positions shall normally be filed at the “Instructor” rank which is an entry level rank with starting salary within 15% of the entry level salary in accordance with the collective bargaining process. Accordingly, only applicants with three years’ or less full-time teaching experience after attainment of their Master’s degree shall be considered for the Instructor level positions.

Interview Committee – Shall be recommended by the Requesting Official who shall also designate the Chairperson. The membership of the committee should be limited to three but may be expanded, usually to no more than five, at the discretion of the Interview Committee. Its membership should include employees with diverse but relevant backgrounds with at least one member having considerable expertise or knowledge of the requirements of the position under consideration. Committee membership may also include one Brookdale student whose course of study is relevant to the requirements of the position.

The Interview Committee shall review the qualified applicant pool, interview identified candidates, determine potential hires for on-campus interviews and conduct second interviews if desired. Immediately following the last interview, the committee chair is responsible for summarizing and delivering in writing, the strengths and weaknesses of acceptable candidates that the committee wishes to forward to the Executive Vice President for consideration. At the discretion of the Executive Vice President and if time permits, the committee or its Chair may meet with the Executive Vice President prior to an employment offer being made.

Interviews – There are several interview stages; telephone and In-person. Telephone Interviews: Telephone interviews will be utilized for the initial interview. In-Person Interviews: Potential hires will be invited to the campus for further consideration and screening by the interview committee. These on-campus interviews also introduce the campus and community to the candidate. Only acceptable candidates will be interviewed by the Executive Vice President for Educational, Student & Outreach Services.

Interview Pool – A diverse pool of qualified applicants (at least five but usually no more than ten), provided to the Interview Committee by the Human Resources Department. The list may include or be supplemented by qualified internal applicants or by applicants identified by the Chair of the Interview Committee upon a limited review of the non-identified qualified applicants.

Pre-Determination – The steps which must be taken prior to receiving approval from the President to proceed with the staffing/hiring process. Through the Office of the Executive Vice President for Educational, Student & Outreach Services, the Requesting Official should develop supporting rationale if he/she believes that market factors warrant advertising the initial salary or entry rank in excess of the entry level range or rank usually authorized.

Recommending Official – The Executive Vice President for Educational, Student & Outreach Services has the authority to identify the final candidate and recommend approval of the final candidate to the President. The Executive Vice President for Educational, Student & Outreach Services also has final authority to select and appoint members of the Interview Committee.

Recruitment Campaign – The recruitment campaign for permanent full-time faculty positions will involve extensive outreach efforts to diverse populations of potential applicants.

Requesting Official – Normally the Division Chair over the position being filled but may be another employee of the unit.

Starting Salary/Rank – The starting salary for any hire at the Instructor level will be within the entry-level range (typically up to 15%) for the “Instructor” level rank.  Requests to advertise and hire above the entry level range or other than “Instructor” must be in accordance with the provisions of the union agreement, supported by written rationale, reviewed by Human Resources and approved by the President. The starting salary is established during the pre-determination process. The starting salary for other ranks shall be for the entry for the rank. *Military service credit will be determined after the initial starting salary is fixed.

Travel Expenses – Reimbursement for travel expenses is normally limited to finalists for faculty positions. Fifty percent of the necessary and reasonable travel expenses incurred by applicants traveling to and from a second or final interview may be reimbursed by the hiring unit. The necessary and reasonable cost of lodging and meals may be reimbursed at 100%.

Vacancy – A vacant position for which recruitment activities have been authorized.

Vacancy Announcement – Vacancy announcements shall be made available to all employees and will be posted for a minimum of ten working days. Vacancy announcements provide basic information on the responsibilities and minimum qualifications of the position and are used as recruitment aids.

Overview of Key Roles and Responsibilities

Requesting Official

· Completes the pre-determination phase of the staffing/hiring process.
· Initiates the personnel request.
· Acts as advocate for diversity
· Provides direction to Human Resources in developing recruitment campaign.

Chairperson, Interview Committee

· Acts as advocate for diversity.
· Presides over all interviews.
· Acts as host for applicants.
· Recommends members for Interview Committee.
· Ensures committee members attend scheduled meetings/interviews.
· Acts as liaison between Interview Committee and Human Resources
· Provides written strengths and weaknesses of candidates forwarded to the Executive Vice President for Educational, Student & Outreach Services immediately following the last interview.

Interview Committee

· Presents a positive and professional image of Brookdale.
· Attends pre-interview meeting with Human Resources for charge, orientation and development of interview questions.
· Acts as advocate for diversity.
· Acts as subject matter experts to review credentials of applicants not initially identified by Human Resources for interview.
· Interviews applicants identified by Human Resources.
· Usually forwards at least three acceptable applicants (in alpha-order) to the Executive Vice President, Educational, Student & Outreach Services for further consideration.

Executive Vice President, Educational, Student & Outreach Services / RecommendingOfficial

· Provides authorization to proceed with staffing process (including pre-determination issues).
· Acts as advocate for diversity.
· Approves selection of Interview Committee members.
· Reviews qualifications of and interviews acceptable applicants forwarded by the

Interview Committee

· Checks reference of applicant(s).
· Forwards completed Employment Recommendation Form to the Human Resources Department for review, Presidential authorization and Board action.
· Makes contingent offer of employment to selected candidate after President authorizes action pending board action. (May request Human Resources make the offer.)

Human Resources Department

· Works closely with Requesting Official and Executive Vice President, Educational, Student & Outreach Services to meet their staffing needs.
· Acts as advocate for diversity.
· Coordinates and processes all applicant correspondence.
· Determines initial starting salary for identified candidates.
· Provides training/consultation on interview questions and diversity goals to Interview Committee.
· Screens applicants and identifies interview pool (at least five but usually no more than ten) for the Interview Committee.
· Coordinates travel/interview dates and times.
· Reviews Employment Recommendation Form and forwards to President for final authorization to offer position to identified candidate contingent upon Board of Trustee approval.
· Ensures that all necessary supporting documents are prepared for Board of Trustee action on President’s recommendation.
· Arranges for all pre-employment and new hire activities.
· Maintains all employment and Board material.

V. Responsibility for Implementation

College Officers

Approved: President 5/98