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6.0003R Anti-Hazing Regulation

6.1000R Admissions

6.1002R Admission of International Students

6.1003R Transfer Credit

6.1004R Provision of Reasonable Accommodations for Credit and Non-Credit Students

6.1005R Documentation Required for Determining County Residence Status 

6.1006R Service Animals and the Americans with Disabilities Act 

6.1500R Registration

6.1502R Matriculation

6.1503R Student Course Load

6.1504R Release of Academic and Demographic Data About Students

6.1505R Student Indebtedness

6.1506R Posting of Faculty Names for Scheduled Courses

6.1700R Eligibility for Graduation

6.1701R Commencement

6.1702R Awarding of Posthumous Degrees

6.2000R Financial Aid Program

6.2001R Student Employment

6.2002R Rates of Pay for Student Personnel

6.3000R Student Conduct Code Regulation 

6.3500R Academic Integrity Code Regulation

6.3001R Demonstrations on Brookdale Campuses and Locations

6.3002R Solicitations from the Student Body

6.4001R Esports Arena Code of Conduct Regulation

6.5000R In-County Tuition Rate for Foreign Students

6.6003R Concurrent Enrollment

6.6004R Early College and Middle College High School Programs

6.7000R Foreign Travel

6.8000R No Alcohol at Student-Sponsored Events