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I. Title of Policy

Involuntary Administrative Leave

II. Objective of Policy

To authorize the President to place a College employee on involuntary administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation into accusations of misconduct and to further authorize the President to develop, with the assistance of College Counsel and the Office of Human Resources, and implement College Regulations to carry out said objective and to impose appropriate discipline.

III. Authority

N.J.S.A. 18A: 64A-12

IV. Policy Statement

The Board of Trustees authorizes the President (or designee) to place a College employee on involuntary administrative leave, with or without pay, in circumstances following an allegation of misconduct requiring an investigation and review of related facts, including but not limited to allegations that said College employee: (1) violated the law; (2) violated College Policy or Regulation; (3) acted in a manner contrary to the College’s Mission; (4) acted in a manner that could place the College’s resources in danger and (5) acted in a manner that could negatively affect the reputation and good name of the College.

V. Responsibility for Implementation



Approved: Board of Trustees, 03/26/2019

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