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I.  Title of Policy

Presidential Screening Process


II. Objective of Policy

To establish a screening and hiring process when a vacancy in the Office of the College President occurs.


III.  Authority

N.J.S.A. 18A:64A-12, General powers of board and Board Bylaw 1.2050 Duties and Responsibilities


IV.  Policy Statement

A. When a vacancy in the Office of the College President occurs or is anticipated, the Board of Trustees (the “Board”) shall appoint a presidential screening committee not to exceed 15 members. The committee shall broadly represent the College community and shall include 3-5 Board members.

B. The Board shall appoint a search firm to assist the screening committee and the Board.

C. The Board shall establish a timetable for the screening which will ensure that the Office of President is filled in a timely manner.

D. In conjunction with a search firm and the College’s Human Resources Office, the screening committee shall arrange for and provide appropriate opportunities for the College community to comment upon the needs of the College and the development of criteria for selection of a new president.

E. The Board may adopt, modify, or reject the screening committee’s assessment of the needs of the College and will determine the final criteria for selection of a new president.

F. After the needs assessment is complete and a profile is finalized, the Board shall charge the screening committee.

G. Based upon the selection criteria established by the Board, the screening committee shall initiate a national search through a search firm, and arrange for appropriate, professional, public advertisement of the vacant position. The screening committee shall work with a search firm to review all applications received, and select candidates to be interviewed by the screening committee.

H. The search firm will conduct preliminary media and reference checking on candidates selected for interview prior to the interview invitation.

I. The screening committee will arrange College Forums to have the College constituents meet finalists and to provide input to the screening committee.

J. In depth background checks will be conducted on finalist(s) before a recommendation is made to the full Board.

K. The screening committee shall recommend to the Board in unranked order the candidates deemed most qualified for appointment. Only applicants interviewed by the screening committee shall be recommended and considered by the Board.

L. The Board shall interview candidates recommended by the screening committee and shall make such further inquiries as the Board deems appropriate.  If the Board determines not to appoint any of the candidates recommended by the screening committee it shall direct the screening committee to continue the search process and to recommend additional candidates.

M. Interviews of applicants by the screening committee and interviews of recommended candidates by the Board shall be conducted in private.  The screening committee and Board evaluations of applicants and deliberations thereon shall be kept confidential and shall be conducted in private.

N. The Board shall provide appropriate resources to enable the screening committee to discharge its responsibilities effectively.

O. In accordance with N.J.S.A. 18A:64A-12, the Board of Trustees has the final authority to select a president.

P. The Board shall comply with all appropriate laws and policies regarding Equal Employment and Educational Opportunity to conform to the non-discriminatory position of the College.

Q. If there is insufficient time to complete a national search, or for any other reason the Board deems desirable or necessary, the Board of Trustees may name an Interim President who will possess the requirements for the position of president.

R. This policy is intended to address a vacancy in the position of President. It is not intended to apply to the temporary replacement of a president during a leave of absence, when the Board may elect to appoint an Acting President.

S. While interim appointments are not intended to exist for more than a year, in the event circumstances dictate that an interim appointment will exceed a one-year period, a Board evaluation of performance will be conducted.

V.  Responsibility for Implementation

Board of Trustees

Approved:    Board of Trustees, 6/29/95

Revision:       February 2014

Approved:     Board of Trustees, 2/23/2021