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I.    Title of Regulation

5.0029R Testing and Placement for Foundational Studies

II.   Objective of Regulation

Placement testing and Foundational Studies are provided to enable academically underprepared students to develop the strategies, processes and skills they need to be successful in college level courses.  Foundational Studies courses are available in reading, writing, and mathematics.

III.   Authority

Board of Trustees Policy 6.1000 Admissions

IV.  Regulation Statement

Brookdale Community College is an open-door institution.  The College is open to all persons (at least eighteen years of age or high school graduates or holders of equivalency diplomas) who seek college level education regardless of their prior educational experiences or the length of time which has elapsed since last attending school.  Individuals in approved special programs may also be admitted to the College.

We recognize that some students may arrive at Brookdale academically underprepared for college level courses.  Therefore, students who come to Brookdale lacking skills needed to succeed in college level courses are required to take and pass Foundational Studies courses related to their skills deficiency, unless they are in a special program where this requirement is waived.  Placement in Foundational Studies courses occurs as a result of a multiple-step placement procedure.

All new degree-seeking students must take the Foundational Studies Placement Test.

Waivers of testing are available to students under the following provisions:

Full Test Waiver (Students will not have to take the test):

1. Students with at least 24 college level credits with a grade of “C” or better from an accredited college, or a four-year degree from an accredited college.  The 24 college credits must include English composition and a mathematics course higher than introductory or elementary algebra.

2. Students who have taken a placement test at another college and Brookdale is in receipt of those placement test scores.

3. Students who have taken the SAT, ACT, or GED tests within the last 3 years and have achieved the scores specified in the Brookdale catalog. *

4. Students who are 65 years of age or older.

*Partial test waivers (students only need to take part of the test) may be granted to students meeting some of the specified scores from item 3.

Waivers from Foundational Studies course placement are based upon verified information (not initially available) that indicate that the student has demonstrated mastery of appropriate foundational skills, processes, and bodies of knowledge.  Students may not register for any course for which they lack the required foundational skills unless they are taking a special Foundational Studies course concurrently with the college level course (e.g. ALP) or are enrolled in a special program at Brookdale.

Non-native speakers of English may be eligible for a foundational studies test deferment. Students may be asked to take the English as a Second Language (ESL) test and/or courses; after completion they must seek a referral for Foundational Studies testing from the ESL department’s administrator.  Once referred, students must take reading and mathematics portions of the Foundational Studies Placement Test, but placement for English must be done through a writing sample.

To receive a deferment or waiver of foundational studies testing, students must apply in person to the Admissions office.  Those wishing to waive on the basis of previous credits must provide an unofficial or official transcript from a regionally accredited collegiate institution, or a college diploma.

Students wishing to be waived from Foundational Studies placement through high school coursework must submit official transcripts from an accredited high school indicating progress at least halfway through the senior year.

Schedule of Required Initial Placement in Foundational Studies:

Foundational Studies – Reading: within the first 12 credits
Foundational Studies – Writing: within the first 12 credits
Foundational Studies – Mathematics: within the first 12 credits unless the counselor determines that developmental reading and/or writing should be completed first.

These courses are offered below the 100 level for institutional credit (in-house) rather than graduation credit.  These credits are not included in computation of GPA or counted towards graduation.

In order to fulfill their Foundational Studies requirements, students must pass their required Foundational Studies course(s).  Students who do not are required to re-register for the course(s) in their next term. Refer to regulation 5.0028R.

V.    Responsibility for Implementation

Vice President for Learning

Approved: 4/1977
Revised:  3/1994
Revised:  2/2009
Revised:  5/2015
Revised:  2/2016 (Revised 5.0029R replaces 5.0034R Basic Skills and 6.1501R Placement Testing)
Approved: President, 2/14/2018

PDF Regulation 5.0029R Testing and Placement for Foundational Studies