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 I.  Title of Regulation


II.  Objective of Regulation

To provide a process that is supportive of Brookdale’s commitment to the maintenance of an institution that is open to those who desire to learn.

III.  Authority

Board of Trustees Policy 6.1000

IV.   Regulation Statement

Brookdale Community College is an equal opportunity institution.

1.     Students may begin their studies at Brookdale if they meet one of the following criteria:

i.     The student has a high school diploma from an accredited school or an equivalency certificate from a State Department of Education.

ii.     The student is eighteen years old or older.

iii.     The student is a high school sophomore, junior or senior and has written permission from his/her parents and high school guidance counselor to study in the Fast Start program. (6.6000R)

 iv.     The student qualifies for specialized state or College sponsored program.

v.     The student meets all Federal and State requirements for immunizations.

2.     Admission to the College is subject to the following conditions:

i.   Admission to the College does not guarantee admission to all programs and additional criteria may be required for certain programs.

ii.   Admission to an Allied Health program is governed by the Allied Health Admissions Policy.

iii.   Admission to the Nursing program is governed by the Nursing Admission Policy.

 iv.   Admission to the Honors program is governed by College Regulation 5.0035R, Honors at Brookdale

v.   False or misleading information on an application may result in immediate dismissal from the College without refund of tuition and fees.

vi.   Military personnel and their dependent who reside in Monmouth County or on a military installation within the county are considered residents of Monmouth County even if they have not met the state and county residence requirements.

3.   At the time an applicant is admitted, his/her status will be one of the following:

i.     Degree-Seeking Student – One who enrolls in a program leading to a degree or certificate, has submitted all of the required application forms and transcripts, and has completed placement testing as required.

ii.     Provisional Student – One who applies as a Degree-Seeking Student but has not completed the process

iii.     Non-Degree Student – One who is not enrolled in a program leading to a degree or certificate.


V. Responsibility for Implementation

Vice President for Learning


Approved: March 1971
Updated:  Oct 1977
July 1979
March 1984
Dec 1991
March 2009
Sept 2010
Revision: Feb 2016 (Omit references to Acuplacer)