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I. Title of Policy

3.6000 Compensation

II. Objective of Policy

The President, with the approval of the Board of Trustees and the assistance of the College’s General Counsel and/or Labor Counsel, shall be the sole authority to establish, control, modify or terminate compensation practices or salary schedules not specifically covered by negotiated agreements with recognized bargaining units.

III. Authority

N.J.S.A., 18A-64A-1, et seq.

IV. Policy Statement

The intent of this policy is to ensure that all compensation programs and salary schedules are in compliance with all state and federal regulations and are consistent with practices and philosophy established by the Board of Trustees.

V. Responsibility for Implementation



Approved: 4/21/1969
Revised: 12/15/1975
Revised: 6/27/1996
Lodged: 9/25/2018
Approved: Board of Trustees, 10/23/2018


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