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I. Title of Regulation

Esports Arena Code of Conduct

II. Objective of Regulation

To develop a Brookdale Community College Regulation governing the operation of the College’s Esports Arena and to identify appropriate conduct rules for gamers and individuals authorized to access the Esports Arena.

III. Authority

N.J.S.A. 18A:64A-12 p; Policy 6.4000 Student Activities.

IV. Regulation Statement

In establishing an innovative and inclusive program for the Brookdale student and community gaming population, Esports at Brookdale aims to cultivate a sense of Jersey Blues pride among individuals whose talents thrive behind a gaming console.  The Esports Arena provides state-of-the-art technology in a competitive, safe environment in which individuals can compete intercollegiately, by participating in a gaming club or simply enjoy gaming time between classes, during personal time or while visiting the Lincroft campus.  The Esports Arena is available to currently enrolled students, alumni, employees and members of the community.

A. Conduct Rules

Identification Required. In order to use equipment in the Esports Arena, individuals must provide a current form of photo identification (either their Brookdale Community College ID, valid Driver’s License or Passport) to the Esports Arena front desk who will make a copy of the photo identification for record keeping purposes.

Compliance with College Directives, Policies and Regulations — Users of the Brookdale Esports Arena must comply at all times with any Esports staff directives as well as all Brookdale Community College Policies and Regulations, including the Esports Arena Code of Conduct Regulation, Student Code of Conduct, and Community Use of College Facilities.

No Bullying – Zero tolerance policy for harassment based upon any aspect of a person’s identity. This also includes no threats of violence or acts of intimidation that will encourage a hostile environment or situation.

No Cheating – No cheating, match fixing, or other means of gaining an unfair advantage or action that compromises the competitive integrity of a game or competition is not permitted.

Limitations on Food/Drink – No open containers of food or drink are permitted in the Esports Arena. A sealable drink is permitted while you are not seated at a gaming PC.

Self-Care – Be mindful of your fellow gamers. We encourage you to practice good hygiene. Keep noise levels at a non-disruptive level and no excessive use of profanity.

Data Security – Always log out of your accounts. Do not share any login information with other users, even staff. Brookdale Esports is not responsible for compromised accounts. Do not download, share, or view any illegal or explicit content on the Arena’s equipment.

Personal Devices – Always ask for assistance before you connect any of your own devices or peripherals to Brookdale Esports Equipment. This also includes downloading games from your personal library onto College PCs and consoles.

Damage to the Esports Arena or Brookdale Esports Equipment — Users are responsible for any and all damage to College property, excluding normal wear and tear.

Noise – While the Esports Arena is a fun and competitive space, there will also be times in which classes or events may be held in the rooms near the Esports Arena.  Users who do not decrease the noise levels upon request will be required to leave the Esports Arena.

Usage Limitations – Esports computers should be used primarily for gaming; personal use (such as checking emails or social media) should be avoided or kept to a minimum. During peak usage, users who are not using the stations for gaming will lose access to those stations.

Esports Arena Occupancy Rate – If the Esports Arena is at full capacity, users must wait outside until sufficient space becomes available.

Honor the closing times of the College and the Esports Arena – It is recommended to not start a new game with less than 30 minutes prior to the close of the Esports Arena. If the Esports Arena is closing, you will be required to exit your game.

Balance gaming with other Brookdale Community College responsibilities, including class. The College wants you to be a successful competitor, but not sacrifice studies or other responsibilities. Should you feel you need assistance with balancing gaming and other responsibilities, we encourage you to reach out to Brookdale’s Counseling Department or the Caroline Huber Holistic Wellness Center.

B. Games Available

The College maintains a variety of pc games and VR games patrons can select and play with their own account or with a Brookdale Esports Account.

Console games are also available on Xbox Series X, PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

Gamers are allowed to bring their own game disks for consoles, at their own risk, to play with staff approval. Gamers are also allowed to install a game he/she owns from their personal digital library with staff assistance and approval.

Gamers can request a game not available on the College List:

Game Request Form

C. Individual Reservations

Aside from tournament or event times, 22 gaming computers will be available by reservation and for walk-ins on a first come, first serve basis.

Individual gaming sessions are capped at 120 minutes, unless there are no users waiting for a computer.

Individuals will have a 15-minute grace period from the time of their reservation, after which the reservation will be canceled.

D. Reservations

Individuals, external groups and student organizations must submit reservation requests at least one week in advance to the Esports Director via email at the following: cboehmer@brookdalecc.edu.  Reservation availability may be influenced by events taking place at the Lincroft campus.

E. Competition

The College sponsors tryouts for varsity teams at the beginning of each semester for the following video game titles: Valorant, Rocket League, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Based upon student interest and popularity, more game titles may be added and/or removed from which Brookdale Esports competes in. Brookdale Community College is a member institution of the NJCAAE. As such, all participants will comply with the rules, regulations, and codes set forth by NJCAAE. At any time, Esports staff reserves the right to reserve equipment to be used for team related activities including but not limited to practices, official matches, and tournaments.

F. Fees

See Rates at the following link:

Esports – Brookdale Community College (brookdalecc.edu)

V. Responsibility for Implementation


Approved:  11/17/2023


PDF for downloading and print.