1.3021 Recommendation of Trustee Appointments

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I. Title of Policy

Recommendation of Trustee Appointments

II. Objective of Policy

To establish a Board Policy for recommendation for appointment or reappointment by the Governor of members of the Board of Trustees.

III. Authority

N.J.S. 18A:64A-8, Boards of Trustees; members

IV. Policy Statement

A. When a member is to be appointed or reappointed to the Board by the Governor, the Board shall establish a schedule that will enable the Board to make a recommendation to the Governor in a timely manner.

B. The Board shall assess the needs of the Board and College giving consideration to (1) desired areas of expertise, abilities, and experience, (2) diversity of community representation, and (3) the present composition of the Board.

C. Based upon the assessment of the needs of the Board and College, the Board shall establish criteria for recommending individuals to the Governor for appointment or reappointment to the Board. The criteria shall in all cases include (1) the desirability of periodic rotation of Board membership, (2) avoidance of the appearance of conflict of interest, and (3) avoidance of incompatibility of public offices. In the case of reappointment, the criteria for recommendation shall include assessment of the incumbent’s contributions to the work of the Board, and level of participation and meeting attendance.

D. The Board may refer to a nominating committee, comprised of Board members only, assessment of appointee candidates based upon the criteria established by the Board for favorable appointment recommendation.

E. Recommendation of individuals for appointment or reappointment by the Governor to the Board shall be a non-delegable function and act of the Board. The Board may elect to recommend more than one individual to the Governor.

V. Responsibility for Implementation

Board of Trustees.



Approved: 6/29/95