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I. Title of Regulation

Student Employment

II. Objective of Regulation

Meeting their educational expenses is a major concern of students going to college. The College’s objectives related to this area are to provide services enabling all students to meet their expenses. One such service is to provide employment opportunities for students on campus while they are enrolled in the College.

III. Authority

Board of Trustees Policy No. 6.2000

IV. Regulation Statement

A. There will be two categories of student employees:

1. College Work-Study Employees – The funds for these students are provided by the Federal Government and the College. Students must adhere to the guidelines established by the Federal program and student employment regulations and procedures of the College.

2. Student Help – The funds are allocated by each budget Unit head. The student employment regulations and procedures will govern his/her work experience at school.

B. The Office of Financial Aid will determine the student employment needs of the College. The office is also responsible for referring students to jobs. This will be done in cooperation with the budget Unit heads and Career Services.

C. Students employed by the College must be certified by the Financial Aid, Placement Office, and the student’s supervisor.

D. Pay rates will follow the guidelines established by the Student Pay Rates Regulation 6.2002R.

E. Work performance as determined by the student’s supervisor must be satisfactory if the student is to continue to be employed.

F. Students may continue to receive CWS funds providing they remain in good academic standing with the College. Although there is no limit to the number of hours a student may work, the student may not earn more than his/her grant award and cannot be paid overtime.

G. Students convicted for any criminal offense involving drugs will result in loss of eligibility for Financial Aid Student employment.

V. Responsibility for Implementation

Executive Vice President for Educational Services

Approved: President 6/2/71
Effective: 6/2/71
Revised: 9/1/75
Revised: October 2010