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I. Title of Policy

Effectiveness of Educational Programs

II. Objective of Policy

Consistent with its Mission, Brookdale Community College will provide educational opportunities to empower a diverse community by providing open access to high-quality and cost effective educational and lifelong learning opportunities leading to personal, educational and economic success. Brookdale Community College will systematically assess that students have achieved the knowledge, skills, and abilities consistent with their program of study and institutional learning objectives. Institutional learning objectives are consistent with general education knowledge, skills and abilities learning outcomes.

III.  Authority

Brookdale’s Mission, Title IV Higher Education Opportunity Act 2008; 20 USC Chapter 28, Subchapter IV: Student Assistance; NJS 9A; NJS 18A; Middle States Commission on Higher Education, NJ Administrative Code, Title 9A, Chapter 1 (9A:1-1.3 Licensure)

IV. Policy Statement

The President shall implement periodic evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of educational offerings via analysis of student achievement of program and institutional objectives, and shall report the findings to the Board of Trustees on an annual basis along with areas of focus for continuous improvement. The goal of all evaluations is to ensure the College is fulfilling its Mission via its educational offerings and complies with the standards set by the United States Department of Education and its regional accrediting body, Middle States Commission of Higher Education.

V. Responsibility for Implementation


Approved:  Sept 1970
Revised: July 2001
Revised:  Feb 2016
Lodged:  Feb 2016
Approved: March 2016
Approved: December 14, 2021