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I. Title of Regulation

Fire, Fire Safety, Fire Prevention

II. Objective of Regulation

To establish schedules of fire drills to be enacted on the Brookdale Community College campuses and to dictate precise procedures to be followed during such fire drills and actual emergency situations in order to ensure protection of life and property, and to establish procedures for fire prevention at Brookdale.

III. Authority

Bylaws of the Board of Trustees, Section 1.3034(l)

IV. Regulation Statement

In accordance with the local Fire Law and in the interest of protecting life and property on the campuses of Brookdale Community College, procedural aspects of life safety in the event of fire or other emergency will be established and implemented by the Fire Marshall. Fire prevention procedures and regulations will be established and implemented by the Fire Marshall and enforcement will be carried out by the Physical Plant Department.

The following will be adhered to:

A. General Provisions
  1. In order to ensure fast and orderly evacuation of the buildings during a fire drill or actual emergency, day, evening, or weekend, Deans and Directors will be responsible for identifying area supervisors who will be appointed by the Fire Marshall.
  2. In order to allow for full coverage of area supervisors, a backup person will be appointed in each area.
  3. Area supervisors will be responsible for evacuating their areas within the framework of these procedures during a fire drill or actual emergency.
  4. Area supervisors will be required to participate in a training session so they will be fully cognizant of procedures to be followed during a drill or actual emergency.
  5. During a drill, the College Fire Marshall on the scene will have ultimate authority. During an actual emergency, College Police will have ultimate authority until such time that the Fire Marshall or Fire Department arrive on the scene.
  6. Written procedures addressing what action is to be taken during a fire drill or actual emergency will be posted in strategic spots throughout the campus.
  7. Objects will not be placed in such a way as to obstruct a fire door, balcony or other point of egress intended as a means of escape. Further, materials which are readily combustible will be stored a safe distance from points of egress.
  8. Stairway enclosure doors which lead to or from a floor or the building will not be wedged open.
  9. Yellow lines or curbs painted yellow designate fire lanes. Parking or stopping in these areas is strictly prohibited.
B. Procedures During Fire Drills or Actual Emergency
  1. Upon sounding of the fire alarm or the visual sighting of fire in any building, appointed area supervisors will direct the students and all inhabitants in evacuating the buildings by the nearest fire exit in a quiet and orderly fashion.
  2. It will be the responsibility of the area supervisor to ensure that all handicapped persons under their supervision are assisted safely from the building.
  3. All doors to the classrooms and offices will be closed by staff members after the rooms have been cleared of all inhabitants. Area supervisors will ensure that all doors have been closed.
  4. Whenever possible, a thorough search should be made by Police Personnel, without endangering life or limb, to ensure that everyone has left the building.
  5. At no time during a fire drill or actual emergency will unauthorized persons be allowed to enter the building.
  6. At no time during a fire drill or actual emergency will anyone be allowed within 150 feet of the building other than firemen, policemen or other designated authorities.
  7. Special attention should be given to elevators by area supervisors or police to ensure that they are not occupied during a fire drill or actual emergency. NO ONE is to use an elevator as a means of egress.
  8. When the College Nurse is on duty during a fire drill or actual emergency, he/she will maintain an Emergency Aid Station in the prescribed area as designated by the Fire Marshall, to assist anyone in need of medical assistance.
  9. The Fire Marshall will be responsible for ensuring that all fire safety equipment on College property is inspected on a regular basis and is in working condition.
  10. The Fire Marshall or his designee will be responsible for signaling the end of the fire drill or emergency.
C. Fire Prevention

1. The Fire Marshall will determine areas on campus that are not in compliance with fire codes such as storage of supplies, chemicals, furniture, etc. and will notify the appropriate Dean or Director accordingly.

2. After notification of non-compliance, the unit responsible will have one week to develop a corrective measure which is approved by the Fire Marshall. This corrective measure will be implemented immediately.

3. If corrective measures are not underway within one week, the Physical Plant Department will dispose of hazardous materials.

D. Special Consideration for Fire Drills Only

1. Fire drills will be conducted as indicated below on the campus by the College Fire Marshall to determine the efficiency of the fire alarm systems and equipment, and also to familiarize the people taking part in the drill with procedures to be followed so they will be prepared in the event of a fire or other actual emergency.

2. In the absence of set fire code regulations which dictate fire drill schedules to most schools and institutions, Brookdale will utilize the following schedule:

a. There will be at least twelve drills per year. They will cover all buildings at least once.
b. In order to judge the readiness of the entire campus in responding to an actual emergency, one of the fire drills per year will be for the entire campus.

3. When a fire drill is planned at Brookdale, all local fire departments will be notified by the Fire Marshall prior to the drill, as they need not respond to the alarm.

V. Responsibility for Implementation

The Vice President of Administrative Services/Treasurer

Approved: President 5/25/76
Effective: 5/25/76
Revised: 3/20/80
Effective 3/20/80