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I. Title of Regulation

Fire, Fire Safety, Fire Prevention

II. Objective of Regulation

To establish and implement schedules for required fire drills to be conducted on and at all of Brookdale Community College (“BCC” or “Brookdale”) campuses. Brookdale will dictate precise procedures to be followed during such fire drills and in the event of a true emergency situation in order to ensure protection of life and property. To establish proper procedures in accordance with fire prevention protocols for all of Brookdale Community College properties.

III. Authority

Bylaws of the Board of Trustees, Section 1.3054.

IV. Regulation Statement

In accordance with the Fire Marshall’s service and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Regulations, Brookdale will follow all Federal, State, county and local Fire and Law Enforcement safety procedures. All of Brookdale’s primary interest, in conjunction with protecting our community, will be to fully protect and follow Brookdale’s fire prevention measures and maintain all fire safety equipment and monitoring system integrity. Following all procedural aspects of life safety, in the event of fire or a true emergency, fire prevention procedures and regulations are established and implemented by the Fire Safety & Environmental Compliance Manager acting upon the “in-place emergency action plan” provided by Brookdale Community College.

The following will be adhered to:

A. General Provisions

  1. In order to ensure fast, safe and orderly evacuations of any building(s) during a fire drill and in the event of a true emergency, all those involved must remain calm. Drills may occur on any day including evenings and weekends to ensure all classes and students get to be familiarized with evacuation procedures. Deans, directors and faculty may be tasked along with supervisors who will be responsible for directing students and faculty co-mingled with visitors to the designated Emergency Evacuation Area(s) closest to the building they are evacuating.
  2. During a drill, the College Fire Safety & Environmental Compliance Manager and BCC Police Department will perform the fire evacuation drills. The BCC Police Chief/Fire Safety & Environmental Compliance Manager have ultimate authority during an actual emergency until such time when the fire chief and or fire marshal arrive on scene and assume command.
  3. BCC Police will address what action is to be taken during a fire drill or actual emergency.
  4. Objects will not be placed in such a way as to obstruct a fire door or any point of egress intended as a means of escape. Further, hazardous materials which are classified as combustible or flammable will be stored at a safe distance from points of egress within approved containment.
  5. Stairway enclosure doors which lead to or from a floor or the building will not be wedged open.
  6. Yellow lines or curbs painted yellow designate fire lanes. Parking or stopping in these areas is strictly prohibited.

B. Procedures During Fire Drills or Actual Emergency

  1. Upon sounding of the fire alarm or the visual sighting of fire in any building, all employees, students and inhabitants will evacuate the buildings by the nearest fire exit in a quiet and orderly fashion.
  2. All doors to the classrooms and offices should be closed after the rooms have been cleared of all inhabitants.
  3. Whenever possible, a thorough search should be made by Police personnel, without endangering life safety, to ensure that everyone has left the building.
  4. At no time during a fire drill or actual emergency will unauthorized persons be allowed to enter the building.
  5. At no time during a fire drill or actual emergency will anyone be allowed within 300 feet of the building other than firemen, policemen or other designated authorities.
  6. Special attention should be given by employees or police to elevators to ensure that they are not occupied during a fire drill or actual emergency. NO ONE is to use an elevator as a means of egress.
  7. The Fire Safety & Environmental Compliance Manager will be responsible for ensuring that all fire safety equipment on College property is inspected on a regular basis and is in working condition.
  8. The Police Chief and or Police designee will be responsible for signaling the end of the fire drill and a Fire Chief or Fire Marshal will signal the end of a true emergency.

C. Fire Prevention

  1. The Fire Safety & Environmental Compliance Manager will determine areas on campus that do not comply with fire codes such as storage of supplies, chemicals, furniture, etc. and will notify the VP of Finance and Operations
  2. Items not permitted on campus include but are not limited to (unless preapproved by Fire Safety & Environmental Compliance Manager):

Space heaters

Toaster ovens

Hot plates

Devices that overload electrical receptacles

Pre-approved appliances must be located in designated spaces only.

  1. After notification of non-compliance due to local fire Marshal inspection(s), the Fire Safety & Environmental Compliance Manager is responsible to develop a corrective measure, which must be approved by the issuing entity. This corrective measure will be implemented immediately.

D. Special Consideration for Fire Drills Only

  1. Fire drills will be conducted as indicated below on the campus by the College Police Chief and Fire Safety & Environmental Compliance Manager to determine the efficiency of the fire alarm systems and equipment, and to familiarize the people taking part in the drill with procedures to be followed so they will be prepared in the event of a fire or other actual emergency.
  2. In the absence of set fire code regulations which dictate fire drill schedules to most schools and institutions, Brookdale will utilize the following schedule:
    a. Drills will be conducted during day and evening periods. This will cover all buildings at least once per year.
  3. When a fire drill is planned at Brookdale, all local fire departments will be notified by the police department/designees prior to the drill, as they need not respond to the alarm.
  4. The Brookdale Police Department will conduct a written assessment of each fire drill.

V. Responsibility for Implementation

The Vice President of Finance and Operations.

Approved: President 5/25/76
Effective: 5/25/76
Revised: 3/20/80
Effective 3/20/80
Approved:  President, 12/02/2021