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I. Title of Regulation

Garnishment of Employee Salary

II. Objective of Regulation

To inform employees of the position of the College in cases where there is a request to garnish an employee’s salary by court or garnish order.

III. Authority

Bylaws of the Board of Trustees

IV. Regulation Statement

The College will comply with all court orders to garnish an employee’s salary. When a garnish order is received, the Human Resources Department will notify Payroll of the request to garnish an employee’s salary and provide the documents to Payroll as their authorization to garnish. If the documentation is addressed to Payroll, they will notify Human Resources of the garnish order. At the same time, the Payroll Department will inform the employee that a garnish order has been received and the College will comply. It is incumbent on the employee to resolve the problem, and no discussion will be entertained as to the reasons or factors leading to the garnish order. The garnish order will remain in effect until the College is notified to the contrary.

V. Responsibility for Implementation

Officers of the College
Approved: 10/70
Revised: 5/98
Reviewed and Validated: 02/02/2020
Approved: President, 04/10/2020

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