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I.     Title of Regulation


II.     Objective of Regulation

To establish and maintain a process that will result in a fast and efficient registration for students and will result in the collection of accurate registration data.

III.     Authority

NJS18A: 64A-12d

IV.     Regulation Statement

With the approval of the Vice President of Student Success, a schedule of registration days will be released at least one term in advance of the registration period. The following conditions will apply to student registrations:

A.  Registration, First-time Brookdale Students Only

1.     An application for admission must be processed by the Office of Admissions and Records resulting in a notification of acceptance to the College prior to a student’s registration.

2.     Students enrolling as degree students must take the placement test prior to registration unless approved for a testing waiver by the Registrar or a designee.

B.  Registration, All Students

1.     Restrictions from the Library, Accounting, or any other college office must be cleared prior to registration.

2.     If required at the time of registration, the student must meet any financial responsibilities to the College.

3.     Students have the responsibility to identify and complete prerequisites and foundational studies courses when required.

4.     Degree students (those who enroll in a program leading to a degree or certificate, have submitted all of the required application forms and transcripts, and have taken the placement test) have the responsibility to obtain approval for each course registration as required.

5.       Provisional Students (those who apply as degree-seeking student but have not submitted all of the required application forms and transcripts, and have not taken the placement test) must have submitted all necessary documents in order to be eligible for priority registration for their second term.

C.    Priority Registration

Priority registration will be set up on the basis of credits accumulated. Degree students will be given priority over non-degree students. Exceptions may be made with the approval of the Vice President for Learning or his/her designee.

D.    Drop/Add Form

The “Drop/Add” form is a multipurpose form which enables a student to add a course to his/her schedule of classes, drop a course and add another, change from one section within a course to another, change from credit to audit or vice/versa or drop a course from his/her schedule of classes. Any changes in a student’s program or schedule will not be considered official unless this form is used and a student follows the Drop/Add procedure as outlined below.

1.  It is recognized that a student may enroll in a course which he/she may later find does not meet his/her needs and/or objectives.

2.  A student may, within the guidelines, add a course during the period so designated during any term.

3.  The Drop/Add period in terms of 12 weeks or more in length is 10 class days (Monday through Friday.) The Drop/Add period in terms of 6-12 weeks in length is 5 days (Monday through Friday.) The Drop/Add period in terms less than 6 weeks in length is 3 days (Monday through Friday.)

4.  A student may withdraw from a course without academic penalty any time up until a date designated in the term schedule.   Students should be aware that such withdrawals could affect their financial aid eligibility and/or their status as full-time students. No student-initiated withdrawals will be permitted beyond the designated date without the approval of the Vice President of Student Success or his/her designee.

5.  In order to drop or add a course, a student must submit a Drop/Add form to the. A matriculated student needs written approval to add any course or to drop a foundational studies course.

6.  The student record system will carry the symbol W for all courses for which the student registers and from which he/she withdraws in the manner described in 4, above.

V.    Responsibility for Implementation

Vice President for Learning


Approved: Feb 1970
Jan 1981
Dec 1984
Oct 1977
Dec 1997

See also:
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