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I. Title of Regulation

6.3001R Demonstrations on Brookdale Campuses and Locations

II. Objective of Regulation

To ensure the right of students to demonstrate in reasonable manner and to follow the decision of the courts which support peaceful demonstrations, but at the same time provide means which prohibit disruptions or civil disobedience when they interfere with the normal functioning of the educational process.

III. Authority

Bylaws of the Board of Trustees, Section 1.3034(m)

IV. Regulation Statement

A. If shall be understood that demonstration participants speak only for themselves, not the College as an institution, in their public expression and actions.

B. “Disruptive” demonstrations which interfere with the educational learning environment and/or any programs at any Brookdale location will not be permitted.

C. Students or groups of students wishing to organize a demonstration must submit a written proposal to the Director of Student Life and Activities at least one week prior to the proposed event.  The proposal must include the names, contact information, and emergency contact information for all demonstration organizers; the impetus for the demonstration; the approximate number of people expected to participate in the demonstration; the proposed day, time, and duration of the demonstration; the exact location of the demonstration; the proposed format of the demonstration; and copies of any material used to advertise the demonstration and/or hand out during the demonstration.  The Director of Student Life and Activities will review the proposal with the demonstration organizers and explain the College’s requirements, such as:

1. The proposed location of the demonstration must be reserved and approved in advance by filling out the online facilities form.

2. The event cannot interfere with any other programs on campus.

3. Participants may not cluster or block any passage way, access to College facilities, parking areas, or College signs.

4. At any time, if a staff member informs demonstrators that the event has become disruptive, participants must abide by staff directions.

5. No shouting, yelling, vulgar language or displays, disrespectful behavior, intimidation, infringing on the protected rights of others, use of force, unwanted physical contact, violence, or violations of any laws, College Policies and Regulations, or the Student Conduct Code will be tolerated.

6. Participants may not erect any structures, set fires, carry open flames, or distribute confrontational literature.  Sound amplification will only be allowed at the discretion of the College.

7. At the conclusion of the demonstration, participants must remove all items that they brought to the demonstration.

D. The decision to approve or deny the request will be based upon safety considerations and the operational requirements of the College without regard to the person or cause that is the subject of the demonstration.

1. If the Director approves the event, he/she will send a copy of the approved proposal within five business days to the Vice President for Student Success.  The Vice President will notify the President, Campus Police, College Relations, and the President’s Cabinet, and who will appoint at least one independent College representative to oversee the demonstration.  The Director of Student Life and Activities will ensure that the demonstration organizers meet with the independent College representative(s) prior to the demonstration to reinforce the College’s requirements, including the need to conform to the approved proposal.

2. If the Director denies the request, the demonstration organizers may appeal in writing to the Vice President for Student Success whose decision shall be final.

E. Brookdale Community College invites the community to join in any peaceful demonstrations that are open to the public and extends free speech and expression privileges during these events.

F. Should a demonstration appear to be disruptive as defined above, the President may, on the recommendation of the Vice President for Student Success, declare any College Building or area closed to the public by virtue of the fact that the activity therein might be dangerous to the public, staff, or the student body at large.

G. Any student or other authorized person in the building or area who is, in fact, disrupting the normal activity of the College by blocking corridors, seizing an office, loud boisterous conduct, or any other activity which constitutes an unlawful interference with the normal operations of the College, will be told to cease and desist the activity.

1. The first attempt to deal with disruptive acts will rest with the Director of Student Life and Activities on the Lincroft Campus, the Dean of the Branch Campus, or the Director of the Higher Education Center.

2. If the Director of Student Life and Activities, Dean of the Branch Campus, or the Director of the Higher Education Center is not able to control the situation, he/she should contact the College Police or Center Security and the Office of the Vice President for Student Success.

H. Students failing to cease and desist any disruptive behavior will fall subject to action under the College’s Student Conduct Code (including immediate action such as a summary suspension and/or banning from campus) and/or action by the Brookdale and/or local police.

I. Community members failing to cease and desist will be subject to action by Brookdale or local police.

J.  Any individual who refuses to leave Brookdale property, when directed to do so, may be subject to arrest by Campus Police or local law enforcement, in the case of the Branch Campus or Higher Education Centers. In such cases, the President or his/her designated officer will direct the College Police to arrest such individual and remove him/her from College property.

V. Responsibility for Implementation

Vice President for Student Success


Approved: President 4/14/1970
Effective: 4/14/1970
Revised: 9/1/1975
Revised: President, 1/29/2018

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