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I. Title of Regulation

Agency Funds

II. Objective of Regulation

To establish rules and procedures to be followed by staff members of the College seeking local, State or Federal funds for specific projects or programs.

III. Authority

N.J.S. 18A:64A-12 (K) and (O)

IV. Regulation Statement

In order to insure uniformity and consistency in the handling of all Agency Funds, the following Regulation is adopted:

A. Definition of Agency Funds

Agency Funds are defined as all funds received by the College from local, State, or Federal sources for specific projects or programs. Examples of Agency Funds are:

1. E.O.F. (Educational Opportunity Fund)
2. Vocational Education
3. Scholarships
4. Grants
5. Memorials

B. Responsibilities

1. Any staff member at Brookdale may seek funding for certain programs or projects as appropriate.

a. Approval will be obtained from the office of Public Affairs and Development by any staff member intending to seek funding for a program or project prior to initiation.

b. Prior to the submission of a proposal, the staff member will provide the Internal Auditor with sufficient time to review and sign off on all budgets and costs.

c. A copy of the Proposal submitted to any Federal, State or local agency requesting funding for any program or project is to be
sent to the Internal Auditor.

2. Notice of Award of Agency Funds

a. If a Proposal as submitted is approved, a Notice of Award will be received by the Institution. A copy of the Notice of Award is to be sent to the Internal Auditor, Accounting Office and the Office of Public Affairs and Development, as well as any additional pertinent documents that are received such as Budget Details, Spending Guidelines, etc.

b. Where the college has received special funds for programs or projects which require staffing, it will be possible to deviate from College regulations governing the selection of personnel and Salary Guides if the purpose of a program or project requires special skills, talents, abilities or experience not encompassed by the existing regulations. A copy of the staffing requirements, including job descriptions, will be sent to the Office of College Personnel Services.

3. Reporting of Agency Funds

a. The office responsible for administering the Agency funds is responsible for ensuring that accurate records are kept by their office as prescribed by the Accounting Department regarding the receipt and disbursement of all Agency Funds.

b. The Accounting Department will, upon receipt of the Notice of Award, assign an Agency fund account number to the program or project which is to be solely for that purpose.

c. The Accounting Department will maintain a record of all receipts and disbursements against the Agency fund account and
will report the status of the fund monthly to the office responsible for the program or project.

d. Interim and final financial reports must be initiated by the office responsible for the program or project. However, no interim or final financial report is to be released without being reviewed and approved by the Internal Auditor.

V. Responsibility for Implementation

The Vice President of Administrative Services/Treasurer

Approved: President
Effective: 12/20/72
Revised: 9/1/75