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I. Title of Policy

Brookdale Community College Collegial Governance

II. Objective of Policy

To articulate the collegial Governance system of Brookdale Community College and outline the roles, responsibilities, and accountability for decision making by each constituency including the Board of Trustees, employees, students, and the community.

III. Authority

The Board of Trustees derives its authority from New Jersey Statute 18A:64A-1 et seq. The Board and employees are subject to provisions of the Constitution of the State of New Jersey, the Regulations and Standards for New Jersey Community Colleges, the Board of Trustee Bylaws, and College Policies and Regulations

IV. Policy Statement

The Board of Trustees assists with the formation and adoption of written Policies.  Policies, generally, are broad in scope and describe the Board’s purpose and authority granted to the President. A Board Policy is binding on employees and students. College Regulations are “administrative procedures” and indicate responsible parties delegated by the President for the day-to-day operation of the College. College Regulations are binding on employees and students and may include systematic steps to describe the methods, processes, and forms to be used in the accomplishment of tasks.

The Board of Trustees delegates to the President, the development of regulations and procedures to implement Board Policies. The President will work collaboratively with the College community seeking their perspective and advice in his/her decision making, and assignment of tasks to responsible parties. Brookdale Collegial Governance, will be the mechanism to enable College-wide constituent input and transparency in decision making.

V. Responsibility for Implementation



Approved: 30 October 2014
Approved: October 25, 2022