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I. Title of Regulation

Evaluation of College Services

II. Objective of Regulation

To establish a process by which all College services will be evaluated.

III. Authority

Bylaws of the Board of Trustees, Section 1.3034(m)

IV. Regulation Statement

The evaluation of a service will be a disciplined inquiry about the overall effectiveness of that service through a systematic collection and analysis of information.

A. Purpose of Evaluation of College Services

1. An evaluation of each service of the College will be undertaken every five years to provide information about how well that particular service is functioning in relation to its objectives, the mission, goals and objectives of the College, and the needs of the community. The evaluation should provide information useful in making decisions regarding such matters as:

  1. The validity of the service
  2. Harmony of the service with institutional role and mission
  3. Reconsideration and redefinition of the goals, purposes, and objectives of the service
  4. Improving quality of the service
  5. Harmony with institutional and/or State Master Plans
  6. Allocation of resources and personnel

2. The five-year evaluation process will be flexible and allow for an approach to service evaluation that will provide the information necessary for making decisions regarding:

  1. Modification of activities
  2. Revision of standards
  3. Refocusing goals
  4. Reassessment of needs
  5. Expansion
  6. Curtailment or elimination
  7. Maintenance or reaffirmation of the existing service

3. The primary purpose of evaluation is to assess and provide information about the strengths and weaknesses of a service. It is not meant to evaluate the performance of individuals.

B. Frequency

Using procedures developed by the Office of Planning, Assessment and Research (PAR), each service will be evaluated at least once every five years, or when the annual monitoring process reveals difficulty. Each College officer will publish a five-year schedule for the thorough evaluation of the services of his/her division. In addition, the appropriate College officer will determine when a service will be evaluated out of turn.

C. Procedures

1. The evaluation of programs will be done by the appropriate line administrator and service personnel with the assistance of PAR.

2. The following is a guideline for the review of College services:

  1. Explanation of the need for service: student need, community need, contribution or importance in relation to other campus services, and inherent value.
  2. Presentation of the service objectives: clarification of relationship with role and mission statement and master plans; clarification of service objectives, goals, and activities; list existing service objectives and goals; list activities that are occurring to achieve the objectives and goals; and identify criteria and/or methods by which each objective and goal can be evaluated.
  3. Presentation of the results of standard or special survey results.
  4. Discussion of the impact of the reduction, elimination, or enhancement of the service.

3. The review will result in a written report. The report will include:

  1. A summary of the major strengths of the service.
  2. A description of any problems related to the service, including a description of how each is being addressed, a description of potential solutions or suggested processes that might eliminate it.
  3. A summary of major conclusions concerning service goals and objectives.
  4. Specific recommendations for the future of the service.

4. The completed report will be submitted to the appropriate College officer and PAR.

5. PAR will monitor the process and maintain the official record of all College service evaluations.

V. Responsibility for Implementation

College Officers

Approved: President 1/30/85
Effective: 1/30/85
Revised: 5/08