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7.0000R  Program Advisory Committees

7.0003R  Campus Tours and Visits

7.0004R Calendar of Community Events

7.0005R  Approval and Payment of Part-Time Non-Credit Personnel

7.0006R  College Use of Community Facilities

7.0006R  Public Events Board

7.0008R Non Credit Short Courses and Programs

7.0009R  Outside Speakers

7.0010R County Use of the Information Commons and Student Success Centers

7.0013R  Special Events

7.1000R  Community Use of Facilities, Grounds and Services

7.1001R  Litter Control

7.1002R  Pet Waste Control

7.1003R  Illicit Connections to College Sewers

7.1004R Wildlife Feeding Control

7.1005R  Improper Disposal Into College Sewers 

7.1006R Demonstrations by External Individuals, Groups, and Organizations on Brookdale Campuses and Locations