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I. Title of Regulation

No Alcohol at Student-Sponsored Events

II. Objective of Regulation

To affirm that beer, wine and alcohol (“alcoholic beverages”) are not permitted at Student-Sponsored Events at Brookdale Community College (“College”).

III. Authority

Board of Trustees Bylaw 1.3054; Board of Trustees Policy 6.8000

IV. Regulation Statement

Student clubs and organizations are not permitted to serve nor consume alcoholic beverages at student events taking place either on or off campus.

Any non-student organization will be allowed to request approval to serve alcoholic beverages for on-campus events in accordance with Regulation 2.0022R Alcohol on Campus at Events Sponsored by College Organizations.

V. Responsibility for Implementation


Approved: President 2/14/77
Revision President Approved: 11/28/78
Effective: 11/28/78
Revision President Approved: 10/28/80
Effective 10/28/80
Updated: 3/09Approved: President, 10/26/2022


(Related: College Regulation No. 2.0022R – Alcohol on Campus at Events Sponsored by College Organizations)