3.3000 Employment Pending Board Approval

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I. Title of Policy

Employment Pending Board Approval

II. Objective of Policy

The authority to appoint full-time personnel on a contingent basis pending Board approval shall be given to the President.

III. Authority

New Jersey Statutes: County Colleges, 18A-64A

IV. Policy Statement

The President is authorized to commence temporary employment of personnel, contingent on Board of Trustees approval at its next regularly scheduled meeting, whenever the President deems such employment necessary for the smooth and efficient operation of the College.  Compensation for such employment shall be at a per diem rate consistent with the salary to be recommended to the Board.  No offer of employment, employment contract or benefits associated with full-time personnel shall become effective until the date of appointment by the Board of Trustees. Should the Board not approve the recommendation of full-time employment, the temporary employment relationship shall cease.

V. Responsibility for Implementation



Approved:  5/18/70