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I.     Title of Regulation


II.     Objective of Regulation

To establish uniform treatment for students relative to program enrollment and program completion.

III.     Authority

Bylaws of the Board of Trustees

IV.     Regulation Statement

Matriculation means enrollment in a particular program leading to a Degree or Certificate.

Students entering Brookdale may be seeking a particular Degree or Certificate. In this case their initial enrollment is in the program of their choice. Students so enrolled are defined as degree students. Students not so enrolled are defined as non-degree students. Non-degree students are those who wish to take courses for a variety of reasons other than seeking a Degree or Certificate. This is consistent with the College Philosophy. This situation, however, is governed by the following:

1.     Whenever a student enrolls as a full-time student or whenever a part-time student enrolls in a course that brings his/her total Brookdale credits to twelve, he/she must at that point matriculate; that is, declare a particular program. The student must meet other waiver requirements or take the placement test if it has not already been taken.

2.     If he/she wishes to continue his/her status as a non-degree student, he/she may request waiver of matriculation by either taking the placement test or showing proof for the waiving of the test requirement.

3.     When, however, a non-degree student is about to register for a number of credits which will bring his/her total beyond thirty, he/she must at that point declare a particular program or request a waiver from the Vice President of Student Success or his/her designee.

4.     Students must meet all program requirements listed in the catalog academic year in which he/she matriculated. After matriculation, if a student is not enrolled for one year from the end of the semester in which they were last enrolled, he/she must meet all requirements listed in the current catalog for the semester or term in which he/she resumes study.

5.     A student becomes eligible for graduation by meeting the requirements for his/her program in effect at the time of matriculation. The College reserves the right to discontinue any course listed in any program. It will, however, substitute courses for those discontinued.

The College reserves the right to discontinue programs. This will automatically abrogate the matriculation rights of students in such programs. No program, however, will be discontinued without providing sufficient time for a continuously enrolled full-time student to complete it.

V. Responsibility for Implementation

Vice President for Learning


Approved: July 1975
Revised :Oct 1975
Dec 1997
May 2008
Sep 2010
Feb 2016