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I.   Title of Regulation

6.1700R Eligibility for Graduation

II.  Objective of Regulation

To carry out the authority given to Brookdale Community College to award associate degrees in Arts, Sciences, Applied Sciences, and Fine Arts, and to award credit certificates in the appropriate areas.

III. Authority

N.S.J. 18A. Chapter 3B, Higher Education Restructuring Act of 1994, Bylaws of the Brookdale Board of Trustees

IV. Regulation Statement

A.  Brookdale Community College is authorized by the Board of Trustees to award associate degrees in Arts, Sciences, Applied Sciences and Fine Arts to students who complete a prescribed program of at least 60 semester credit hours.

B.  A candidate for a degree or certificate must attain a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher and satisfy all foundational studies requirements as specified in Brookdale Community College Regulation 5.0029R Testing and Placement for Foundational Studies.

C.  The procedure for completing the candidacy for graduation application is to be kept current and clearly communicated via the College catalog, the website, and direct notification to students nearing program completion.

D. To be eligible for a degree or certificate from Brookdale Community College, a student is also expected to satisfy the following:

1. Candidates for graduation must meet all degree requirements and the requirements of the Brookdale Community College Regulation 5.0029R Testing and Placement for Foundational Studies.  Exceptions may apply to students in limited-enrollment programs (such as Nursing, Automotive, Culinary, etc.) who are waitlisted and not enrolled for a period of two years or less, and have completed all general education and/or program prerequisites. Approval from the appropriate Institute Dean is required.

2. For all degrees and certificates at least fifty percent of students’ credits must be earned at Brookdale Community College. For all degree programs a minimum of fifty percent of career studies credits required for degree completion must be earned at Brookdale Community College.

3. Students who have completed a minimum of 45 credits at Brookdale Community College and then transfer to another accredited college or university are eligible to have the credits earned at that institution apply towards the completion of a Brookdale associate degree.  This is called a Reverse Transfer of credits.

A student can reverse transfer up to 15 credits from another accredited institution toward a BCC degree.  The proposed credits will be reviewed, evaluated, and may be applied toward a degree program effective in the College Catalog when the student was last enrolled.  The Reverse Transfer Application must be submitted within four years since the student’s last completed term at Brookdale Community College.  In exceptional circumstances, an appeal may be made to the Vice President for Learning.  Additionally, the student must follow the College Regulation 6.1003R, governing “Transfer Credit.”

4. The candidate must fulfill all financial and other obligations to the College.

5. Requirements may be completed during any actively enrolled term or through the reverse transfer process. Candidates are expected to apply for graduation by that term’s deadline and a degree or certificate will be conferred on the last day of the term.  Candidates who do not apply directly may be notified by the College of their eligibility.

6. Requests for exceptions to the requirements of the regulation are made in writing to the Institute Dean for review and decision. All approved exceptions are forwarded to the Registrar.

7. With the approval of the Vice President for Learning, joint degree programs partnerships may be exempt from some of the provisions of this regulation.

8. The requirements for earning a second or subsequent degree from Brookdale Community College are:

a. The completion of all requirements specific to the additional degree, with a minimum of 15 credit hours beyond the previous degree.

b. The graduation application must specify that the student is seeking a subsequent degree.

c. Any subsequent certificate may be granted by meeting the requirements for that certificate.

V. Responsibility for Implementation

Vice President for Learning


Approved: 2/1975
Revised:  12/1975
Revised:  12/1997
Revised:  3/2009
Revised:  9/2010
Revised:  2/2016 (nomenclature and changes to employee title(s)
Revision Approved:   President, 9/7/2018


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