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I. Title of Policy

Outside Speakers

The College adopts the position that in an environment of constant change and recurrent crisis, the College can best serve its community by encouraging the free exchange of ideas and opinions in an open intellectual forum where a broad spectrum of positions and points of view may be freely expressed and broadly debated. Values are determined as the result of the free exchange of ideas among broadly informed citizens and the progressive development of American educational institutions may depend upon their quality of flexibility in keeping abreast of changing social, political and economic needs. The objective in all cases shall be that of supporting the philosophy of the College to foster an understanding of diverse points of view.

In support of these beliefs, the College adopts the following policy relating to the discussion on controversial issues:

The College may permit speakers representative of diverse points of view, to address the College and/or community audience, while reserving the right to impose specific conditions.

Approved Board of Trustees