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I. Title of Regulation

Special Events

II. Objective of Regulation

The Dean of Community Services will be responsible for the coordination of all College special events.

III. Authority

Bylaws of the Board of Trustees, Section 1.3034(h)

IV. Regulation Statement

To ensure the proper conduct of all College special events, both on and off campus, such as seminars, workshops, conferences, etc., the coordination of all such activities will be centralized in the Office of Community Services. By coordination is meant the entry of the proposed event on the Master Schedule prior to commencement of program commitment and planning. Arrangements for facilities, food service, and other appropriate services required will be the responsibility of Community Services. Program content and financial responsibility will rest with the initiator(s) of the event.

V. Responsibility for Implementation

Vice President for Educational Services

Approved: President 8/24/73
Effective: 8/24/73
Revised: 9/1/75