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I.  Title of Policy

Staffing and Hiring

II. Objective of Policy

To establish a fair and equitable staffing/hiring process to achieve a highly qualified and competent faculty and staff.

III.  Authority

New Jersey Statutes:  County Colleges, 18A-64A-12(f) and (g), General Powers of Boards.

IV.  Policy Statement

Brookdale Community College is an Equal Employment Opportunity educational institution dedicated to achieving and maintaining a professional, highly-trained and diverse faculty and staff.

This policy shall be pursued through an unwavering commitment to diversity, not only as a compliance responsibility, but as an active, conscious effort to build and to develop diversity within the faculty and staff.

The Board of Trustees has the authority to appoint all personnel employed by Brookdale Community College upon recommendation of the President.  Consistent with its policy on diversity and affirmative action, the Board requires that no recommendation be set forth from any external search until a comprehensive and impartial recruitment effort has been made to secure fully qualified individuals from a diverse pool of applicants. The Board will be assured by the President that such efforts have been completely carried out, providing opportunity for reasonable choice among qualified candidates.

Full-time hiring for administrative and staff positions will occur at the entry level and at the minimum salary established for the position.  Some flexibility in establishing the starting salary, as identified in the collectively bargained agreements, may be allowed by the President.

The starting salary for faculty hires will be within the entry level range for the “Instructor” level rank or at the minimum salary for Assistant Professor.

It is the obligation of every employee of the College to support this policy by adhering to its tenets and by making conscious and active efforts to understand and to embrace our diversity goals.

V.  Responsibility for Implementation




Approved: 1/96
Revised: 6/27/96 and 11/15/12