6.2000 Financial Aid

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I. Title of Policy – Financial Aid

It is generally accepted that financial assistance plays an integral role in the admission and retention of students. Inability to meet educational expenses can adversely influence students’ educational goals.

The President shall implement a financial aid program which will maximize the opportunity for students to achieve their educational goals regardless of financial resources. To this end the President shall seek to secure financial assistance funds from available sources. The President shall report to the Board of Trustees on the financial aid program once each summer.

The financial aid program may include but is not limited to:

1. Grants and scholarships
2. Loans
3. Part-time employment both on and off the campus
4. Tuition waivers within budget limitations
5. Combinations of all of the above

In distributing aid, priority consideration shall be given to full-time students. (Exceptions may be made if funds are earmarked specifically for part-time students.)

Students convicted for any criminal offense involving drugs will result in loss of eligibility for any financial aid.


II.  Responsibility for Implementation



Approved: 9/17/69
Revised: 7/12/01
Revised: October 2010
Approved: January 2011