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I. Title of Regulation

Action by the Board of TrusteesII. Objective of Regulation

II. Objective

To ensure the Board meets the legislative responsibility of formulating broad public policy for community college education in Monmouth County which requires consistency in the preparation of agenda items and back-up materials for meetings of the Board of Trustees.

III. Authority

Bylaws of the Board of Trustees, Section 1.2050 Duties and Responsibilities; and Section 1.5000, Meetings of the Board of Trustees.

IV. Regulation Statement

As the policy-making body of the College, the Board is charged with the oversight and control of the College. Action taken by the Board of Trustees at regular or special meetings is through resolution or by motion. In this respect the following will be employed by Officers of the College as a guide in determining the action statement to be included on the agenda and on back-up sheets:

A. Action by Resolution

Any exercise of the general powers of the Board of Trustees and as delineated in the statute which include the following will be by resolution:

1. Fixing and determining educational policy and curriculum.
2. Appointing and fixing the compensation and term of office of the President of the College.
3. Adopting terms and conditions of employment of all College personnel and fixing compensation specifically or under general schedules.
4. Delegating power to appoint and employ other officers, agents and employees and fixing general terms and conditions of such employment.
5. Fixing and determining tuition rates and other fees.
6. Entering into contracts and agreements.
7. Any proceedings for eminent domain.
8. Promulgating rules and regulations and establishment of policy.
9. Appointment of standing and ad hoc committees.

B. Action by Motion

Generally, all other action taken by the Board of Trustees, and not falling in the categories listed above in Section A, will be by motion of the Board of Trustees and passed by majority vote, at a regular or special meeting. This would include the following:

1. Appointing members of the administrative and teaching staffs in accordance with general schedules fixing compensation and terms of employment.

2. Acting upon routine approvals of the Board at a regular or special meeting covering such matters as:

a. Serving as a final adjudicating agency for students, employees and citizens on matters of policy and policy interpretation.
b. Considering communications and requests from citizens and organizations of Monmouth County on matters of policy, administration and other items of public concern affecting the College.
c. Maintaining continuous oversight of the College.
d. Considering items not on the agenda.
e. Adoption of rules of order.
f. Appearances before the Board.

V. Responsibility for Implementation

Officers of the College

Approved: President
Effective: 3/24/70
Revised : 9/1/75
February 2014
Approved: February 2014